Greta delivers horror chills

Chloe Grace Moretz, Jodie Foster, Neil Jordan, and Lawrence Bender were all in attendance at the ArcLight Hollywood on Tuesday night for the Los Angeles premiere of the thriller Greta. The film stars Moretz and Isabelle Huppert as new friends whose relationship slowly spirals out of control and devolves into something far more sinister.

Moretz told The Hollywood Reporter that she was excited to make the film because she saw it as an opportunity to reinvent the ’90s-style stalker film. “It’s a genre that I love, which is thriller and horror. It was a way to take a story that reminded me of Single White Female or Basic Instinct or Fatal Attraction and subvert the genre. They cast Isabelle Huppert instead of Anthony Hopkins. Instead of the boyfriend character, it’s Maika Monroe as my best friend and that was an opportunity in this genre to subvert the tropes that you can so easily fall into, and I wanted to take advantage of that and of course, delve back into horror.”