Client: ARRAY Alliance
Creator/Director: Ava DuVernay 

LEAP, the Law Enforcement Accountability Project, empowers activists and artists to change the narrative around police brutality through elevated storytelling. Powered by advocates who believe in police transparency and visibility, their mission is to disrupt the code of silence that exists around police aggression and misconduct. And we stand by this mission, wholeheartedly.
We partnered with Ava DuVernay & Array Alliance to develop and launch a 360-campaign for LEAP Action including branding, digital, website design, and OOH.
Inspired by LEAP’s strong mission statement (or Using LEAP’s strong mission statement as our primary source of inspiration), our brand design approach was unapologetically confident and forthright. Bold, yet clean design positioned LEAP as a recognizable force with a succinct and loud message that demands to be heard.


Our billboards across the U.S. were disruptive and eye-catching as we paired beautiful imagery with bold, hard-hitting statements about police brutality and the importance of Black Lives.

Brand / Website Design

The powerful typography and engaging photography on the website produced a journalistic feel for the platform that will be showcasing artists’ works and pressing, relevant news.

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Scroll-stopping content brought LEAP’s core values to the forefront on social media, while also uplifting artists’ work that explores the power of accountability.